How eyelash serum works

In this phase, lashes are actively growing and the duration of growth is between 30 and 45 days. At any one time, approximately 15 percent of lower lashes grow and approximately 40 percent of upper lashes show growth. The reason why regular lash trims are not done is that every lash grows to a specific length and stops.

Catagen phase 

Eyelash serums

In the catagen phase, hair follicles shrink, therefore, when an eyelash falls out in this phase, there will be no growth right away since the follicle must complete this phase before it is able to move to the next one. The duration of this face is between two to three weeks.

Telogen phase

This final stage can last for more than 100 days before a lash falls out and is replaced with a new one. There is no need to panic because all the lashes will not fall out at the same time. The reason being, each and every lash experiences its own growing cycle and phase.

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