Introduction to buying kids helmets

Size of the helmet

Before doing the actual purchase of the child’s helmet, the parent should measure the circumference of the child’s head to determine which size of the helmet fits the kid best. To measure the size, a soft tape measure is used and measurements were taken slightly one inch above eyebrows. After getting the size, finding the kids helmet that ranges in the size measures is in order.

How to fit the helmet the child’s head?

Helmets have internal adjust systems that are easily adjusted to fit the head of the kid.  The helmet should be fit in a way that ensures that even when the kid shakes his head the helmet does not fall off and provides the child with the safety that is intended in cases of accidents.

Types of helmets construction

There are normally two types of helmet constructions which provide the required protections in cases of accidents but these constructions vary in terms of style, durability and the number of vents in them.

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