Kids Bedding

Getting a small bed can be complicated, but it should not be. Transform your kids bedding into an exciting new world, starting with the place where he sleeps. Choosing a central point, like the bed, is an easy way to start. Then coordinate the rest of the room regarding the style of the bed and the corresponding colors.

Car beds

For the family racing fan, a bed like the Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed will help you dream of Daytona. A safety step will help you get on the bed easily and keep it safe.

Character beds

Are you looking to create a special theme based on your daughter’s favorite character on TV? Transport it to a magical place with a bed like Dora the Explorer’s Toddler Bed.

Wood beds

Changing from a crib to a large child’s bed can be intimidating, but with a kids bedding equipped with safety accessories, you will not have to worry. Reuse the mattress of the crib and look for something that has safety rails for sleepers that move a lot.

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