Conservatives claim Trump is target of ‘color revolution’

Conservatives claim Trump is target of ‘color revolution’“Color revolutions” is the term used for popular uprisings against authoritarian regimes, such as those that took place in former Soviet countries, such as Ukraine and Georgia in, the early-and-mid-2000s. Though likely an unfamiliar term for most Americans, the recent warnings from Trump allies about an American color revolution set off alarm bells for some experts on the topic.

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Black Lives Matter Removes Language about Disrupting the Nuclear Family from Website

Mon Sep 21 , 2020
The official Black Lives Matter website no longer includes language encouraging the “disruption” of the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”The language had been featured on the site's "What We Believe" page, in which the group had laid out its support for various extreme policies and ideals that went beyond police reform and brutality. Attempts to access the page now yield a message that reads, "Page Not Found. Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist," the Washington Examiner first discovered on Monday.The page had described the group as a "global Black family" that engages "comrades with the intent […]