Slow Digestion

Slow digestion is not a single phenomenon, it comes with various other medical complexities and results in extremely serious diseases. Slow digestion has become pretty common and is being taken lightly by most of the people facing it. The fact is: it should not be. Our digestive system needs around 24 hours to process the intake and then release the waste in normal physical and psychological conditaions.

If the waste remains inside your body for a day or two it can be really harmful. It increases the level of toxins in the bloodstream and in some severe conditions leads to serious diseases like cancer. There are multiple causes of this abnormal digestive behavior, diet patterns being the major of them. In most of the cases, only working on dietary and lifestyle can cure slow digestion.

1. Feed Your Gut

Human gut uses prebiotics and prebiotics to digest the food. Prebiotics are found in vegetables, legumes, and fruits and for probiotics, you need to intake yogurt with live culture, sauerkraut, miso, and pickle. This fermented food gives a boost to the bacteria working in our gut to break the food and prevent bloating, gas and stomach pain.

Slow digestion

2. Avoid Fatty Foods

You need to give up on your favorite food. The ready-made food, fast food, popular snacks are extremely high in sugar, salt, spices, additives, and fats. Our digestive system faces difficulty to break this food and become sluggish. It is clearly a cause of slow digestion. The first thing you need to do if you are facing the symptoms is to cut this food from the diet.

3. Exercise

It may be the last thing you want to downhill bloat but physical activity can do wonder for digestion. Walking or jogging stimulates bile production and enhances digestion. Even the deep breathing helps to instigate the colon. Make exercise and yoga a part of your lifestyle and you would feel a clear difference in your digestion pattern.

4. Eat Slowly

Eating in a rush or with distractions around inhibit proper digestion. Chew food properly until it liquefies in your mouth. Enzymes present in saliva help to start the digestive process immediately. Gulping the food without chewing have a negative impact on digestion.

5. Identify and Manage Stress

Stress is highly detrimental for the slow digestion. Stress causes a hit to your gut and digestion. Try to figure out if your digestion is impacted by any stress and then manage that stress through medicine, meditation, yoga, or exercise. 

6. Hydrate Your Body 

It is last but clearly not the least. Rather than the top of anything else, you need to increase your liquid intake to cure slow digestion. Doctors suggest having at least 8 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration. This is the minimum. You can add a few glasses of detox water to help boost your gut activity. To make it work at its best, the mineral water with a high magnesium component is highly recommended to get rid of this discomfort. Whatever method you pick, stay connected to the fact that you need to stay hydrated.

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