Joe Biden buries the hatchet and looks to bring in Kamala Harris as running mate

Joe Biden buries the hatchet and looks to bring in Kamala Harris as running mateOn Friday night, supporters of Joe Biden received an urgent message from his campaign email address. But it wasn’t from the Democrat presidential nominee. It was from Kamala Harris. Underneath a picture of herself, the California senator wrote: “I know Joe’s heart, and I’ve seen first-hand his compassion and dedication to public service. He’ll be a president for all of us, and I’m giving everything I’ve got to help him succeed this year.” It was a further signal, if one were needed, that Ms Harris, 55, is now a clear favourite to become Mr Biden’s running mate. He has said he will make a decision next week. But the message was also clearly intended to defuse a vicious behind-the-scenes battle that has reached fever pitch in recent days. With so much on the line, the knives have been out for Ms Harris within the Democratic party. Anonymous briefings, some emanating from people in 77-year-old Mr Biden’s own camp, have attempted to portray her as disloyal, ruthlessly ambitious, opportunistic, untrustworthy and intent on becoming president herself. As one Democrat donor put it: “She would be running for president the day of the [Biden] inauguration. For me, loyalty and friendship should mean something.” Read more: Who will be Joe Biden's running mate? The runners and riders

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